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Top 5 Greatest Wide Receivers of All Time2014-Jan-1

Top 5 Greatest Wide Receivers of All Time


The All Time Best Wide Receivers in the NFLIn the NFL it is the wide receivers job to catch the ball. He must have good speed, good hands and great intuition. The men who play this position are fast, agile and great jumpers. Though some may debate this point in my opinion, the wide receiver is probably the best all around athlete on the field. Concentration is key as he has many a route to run while letting his QB have sometime and a good somewhere and someone to throw the ball to.


Wide receivers are the players that wear the "tight pants" in a "flash position" and are the ones that score the big touchdowns that we see on all the sports highlights. So it is no wonder, why looking at the NFL"s legendary wide receivers in their defining moments can anyone explain why the NFL captivates us so much.


The first WR on this list is one all will agree is the best wide receiver ever, for It did not take Jerry Rice very long to become a Hall of Famer. Here you can read all about him and the yards and catches he amassed in his NFL career to deserve this position.


1 Jerry RiceSan Francisco 49ers 80




By far anyone I ask, and anything I read, all seem to agree on one thing, Jerry Rice is the GOAT, the Greatest Wide http://www.officialauthenticchiefs.com/91+Tamba+Hali+Jersey+Cheap.html/ Receiver Of All Time.


This legend debuted in the NFL in 1985 for the San Francisco 49ers where he played from 1985 2000. In 2001 he played for the Oakland Raiders, it was there that he helped turn the Raiders from having an 11 5 record in 2002 to a 4 12 record in 2003 and a 5 11 record in 2004. Four Games into the 2004 season he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks. Rice throughout his career wore the same number that legend Steve Largent wore as a Seahawk whose number was retired in 1995 when he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Womens Tamba Hali Jersey Fame. Largent gave Rice his blessing to put a new spin on an old jersey.


Rice didn't just beat defensive backs, he destroyed them. His fearless over the middle, sure handed in a crowd and fluid in patterns with an extra gear gave him separation from swift cornerbacks. In his prime, Rice turned short passes into a new category, 'yards after the catch', a statistic resulting from his ability to catch a pass and sprint downfield with long, graceful strides.


His work ethic and attention to the little things gave an entire generation of receivers someone to look up to. And His utter dominance is hard to believe in a league where the competition is so intense and conducted at such a high level.


The Greatest Wide Receiver and His QB's


Steve Young threw the most passes to Rice for a record breaking 85 scores. But it was the Rice Montana combo and their telepathic relationship that is most amazing. With Montana's uncanny accuracy and Rice's deft moves, they were the perfect combination in an NFL where defensive backs have to provide receivers a five yard cushion at the line of scrimmage. Rice's precision in running his routes, honed by a work ethic that amazed teammates, found its mirror image in a quarterback such as Joe Montana.


"The difference between Jerry Rice and everybody else is that one day he woke up and said, 'I'm going to be the greatest receiver of all time. I'm going to run and prepare.' While everyone else was watching Oprah or hanging out, he was making sure he was running instead of playing."


The Best WR in The NFLRice RetiresJerry Rice retired in September 2005 after 20 seasons. He closed his career with 38 NFL records.


A ceremonial one day contract with the San Francisco 49ers, the football team he helped to win three Super Bowls was signed and the dollar figure on the contract was $1,985,806.49, an amount that honors his history with the organization. He retired with the team that drafted him in 1985 as a No. 1 draft pick.


"He played with a burning passion that the NFL had never seen before,"


John York San Francisco 49ers owner


The Greatest Wide Receiver Ever to Catch in the NFL


Jerry Rice on Dancing With the StarsJerry was invited to be a contender on Dancing With The Stars in 2005. He was partnered with Anna Trebunskaya. Although Jerry was not the strongest of contenders


his charm and strong determination won him and


Trebunskaya the votes of the viewers. This pair was not expected to go too far but of course as with anything that Jerry tackles no one was really surprised when he and his partner made it to the finals. Ultimately they lost to the tandem of singer Drew Lachey and dancer Cheryl Burke .


Lynn Swann'Baryshnikov in Cleats'


'Baryshnikov in Cleats'


From the age of 4 until he was in high school Lynn Swann took ballet, tap and modern dance classes and he has thanked his mother for this is what he knows made him such a great athlete. For 9 years he was a vital player with the Steelers as they won four Superbowls (1974 1982). With his tremendous vertical leaps and his 'gazelle like speed' Swan made the impossible look effortless.


"Lynn Swann was an idol. It would amaze me how he could fly through the air and make those catches. I'll never forget the one versus Dallas. It was the greatest catch I've ever seen."


49ers wide receiver Jerry Rice


3 NFL Legendary Wide ReceiverSteve Largent 80


For 13 years this wide receiver wore the 80 for the Seattle Seahawks. He was the kind of wide receiver a QB would say to in the huddle 'Do whatever you want, just get open and I'll throw to you'. He was one of the most deceptive receivers in the NFL for he could change patterns to fit the situation. Who could have predicted that 2 castoffs would come together In 1976 he was cut by the Houston Oilers. The same year Jim Tamba Hali Jersey Kids Zorn was cut by Dallas and both ended up on the then expansion Seahawks.


Less than ideal size (5'11 187lbs) nor was he blessed with great speed, he did have exceptional lateral quickness, great body control, unbelievable balance and soft hands that seemed to be a magnet for the ball.

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The 10 Best Foods You Aren't Eating2014-Jan-1

The 10 Best Foods You Aren't http://www.officialauthenticchiefs.com/32+Marcus+Allen+Jersey+Cheap.html/ Eating


You may know these better by the moniker "prunes," which are indelibly linked with nursing homes and bathroom habits. And that explains why, in an effort to revive this delicious fruit's image, producers now market them under another name.


Why They're Healthy: Prunes contain high amounts of neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acids, antioxidants that are Womens Marcus Allen Jersey particularly effective at combating the "superoxide anion radical." This nasty free radical causes structural damage to your cells, and such damage is thought to be one of the primary causes of cancer.


How to Eat Them: As an appetizer. Wrap a paper thin slice of prosciutto around each dried plum and secure with a toothpick. Bake in a 400F oven for 10 to 15 minutes, until the plums are soft and the prosciutto is crispy. Most of the fat will cook off, and you'll be left with a decadent tasting treat that's Marcus Allen Jersey Womens sweet, savory, and healthy.

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Siddha Yoga responds to Salon story2014-Jan-1

Siddha Yoga responds to Salon story


The Siddha Yoga path is an authentic path of self knowledge and thousands of Siddha Yoga students can attest to the beneficial effect it has on their lives. For almost three decades, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, the Alex Smith Authentic Jersey spiritual head of the Siddha Yoga path, has guided students through her teachings.


The purpose of the SYDA Foundation is to disseminate the Siddha Yoga teachings. The SYDA Foundation does not engage in activities unrelated to its purpose and has done nothing whatsoever to capitalize on the film or the book Pray, Love. Over time, some people have decided not to continue on this path. A few of these former practitioners have become critics.


Shah relies heavily on what she herself acknowledges as rumors and accusations from articles written in http://www.officialauthenticchiefs.com/11+Alex+Smith+Jersey+Cheap.html/ 1983 and 1994. She then insinuates there is currency to those claims by falsely stating that Gurumayi disappeared from public view amid the allegations. In fact, Gurumayi actively continues to teach and guide Siddha Yoga students from all parts of the world.


"Will Grace" (eight seasons)


Hey, did someone say "self congratulatory guest star appearances?" Look it's Jennifer Lopez, and Cher, and Janet Jackson, and Madonna! The latter seasons of "Will Grace" effectively ruined the fun of watching the show in syndication now will it be a fun and jaunty early episode, or a later episode in which title characters enact an Ibsen play about having a baby together (really) while Jack and Karen meet one pop star or another? The fact that the show hastened a widespread acceptance of gay people that, then, made the show something of a Alex Smith Jersey Youth throwback by the time it ended is one thing; the fact that the show itself seemed uninterested in relying on its actors' sharp comic timing is quite another.


"Grey's Anatomy" (10 seasons and counting)


Here's the thing: By all accounts, "Grey's Anatomy" is not a creative failure. And it's still widely watched. But when you begin your life as a world beating hit, anything else seems somewhat marginal. "Grey's Anatomy" has shed more regular viewers than many shows will ever hope to get in the first place (same's true of "Survivor" and latter day "ER," to name just a few). Those who stopped watching once the Golden Globe nominations petered out may wonder why the show is still on; loyal viewers know better.

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Holocaust Museum Gunman Charged with Murder2014-Jan-1

Holocaust Museum Gunman Charged with Murder


Holocaust Memorial Museum, according to news reports.


The New York cheap jerseys Times reports: Wholesale NFL Jerseys "Police on Thursday charged Mr. von Brunn, who was in critical condition at George Washington University Hospital, with murder in the death of Mr. Johns, 39, from Temple Hills, Md. The victim, who worked for a private security company, had been assigned to the museum for six years. Mr. von Brunn was also charged cheap nfl jerseys with possessing and shooting a firearm in a www.wholesalejerseyschinaus.com federal building, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation said it was pursuing charges of civil rights and hate crimes against him. officials said they thought Mr. von Brunn had acted alone."


The Washington Post reports investigators found bizarre, handwritten notes in the gunman's car that alluded to racist, antiSemitic conspiracies and President Barack Obama. "You want my weaponsthis is how you'll get them. The Holocaust is a lie. Obama created the Jews [sic]. Obama wholesale jerseys does what his Jew owners tell him to do."


The Southern Poverty Law Center describes von Brunn as Wholesale Jerseys China a "raging antiSemite and racist" with "a long history of associations with prominent neoNazis and Holocaust deniers."

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Do not have the post office forward your2014-Jan-1

Do not have the post office forward your mail to a temporary location.


My husband was bootssaleukcheapest.co.uk so worried about receiving bills that he had our mail forwarded to our temporary address in Zachary. We were back in our home on Sept. 27 and canceled the forwarding as soon as the post office opened. We canceled it again in November, and in December and in January. In February it appeared that the mail forwarding was actually canceled. During this time we would receive an occasional piece of mail, but most was "return to sender, unable to deliver as addressed."


Sometime after March the post office put our "temporary" address on a list of new addresses that some businesses purchase. After that time American Express, Kentwood Cheap UGGs UK and Entergy changed our address and started sending the bills to Zachary.


When we hadn't received our Entergy bill my husband called and was told that not only had the utility bill been sent to Zachary, but also the disconnect notice and that we were scheduled to be disconnected the next day!


The majority of creditors were very understanding of late or http://dealssales.weebly.com missed payments last fall. But they have lost their patience this spring, even when they are the ones who changed our address with no input from us. So . . .


1) Do not have your mail forwarded.


2) Put your most recent bill from each creditor in your evacuation pack. This way you will have the contact information to arrange to pay your bills in temporary exile.


I was in such a state of shock following Katrina that my memory was impaired. I could not remember all the different Internet logons and passwords that I use to access my credit cards, bank account and investments. Now I have these written down by code in my pocket telephone directory. I believe the code would prevent a thief from knowing what I've written should the directory be found. You may want to develop your own security system for protecting this info. The point is to have some safe place for referral.


It's also a good idea to arrange with as many creditors as possible to get automatic email notice of your bills. During those many months when there was no cheaperbootsuk.com reliable mail service, I increasingly used online payment to keep my bills current. I still do.


Lastly, if you have not yet arranged for your paycheck to be automatically deposited, then do so now. It's simple to arrange and can provide peace of mind when you need it most.


Chaos erupted when certain Louisiana Walmarts accepted food stamps during big glitchReferees arrested at Friday night game 'did nothing wrong,' president of officials association saysOfficials did not cost the Saints the game vs. the Patriots Gerry V podcastWhat are your thoughts on Khiry Robinson as a regular option at running back for the New Orleans ugg boots uk cheap Saints?.

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